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What Is Wellness?
- Venture Inn Wellness Retreat -

Wellness is a modern word with ancient roots. The key tenets of wellness as both preventive and holistic can be traced back to ancient civilizations from the East (India, China) to the West (Greece, Rome). In 19th-century Europe and the United States, a variety of intellectual, religious and medical movements developed in parallel with conventional medicine. With their focus on holistic and natural approaches, self-healing and preventive care, these movements have provided a firm foundation for wellness today..

Wellness tourism is travel for the purpose of promoting health and well-being through physical, psychological and spiritual activities. Wellness tourists are proactive in seeking to improve or maintain health and quality of life, often focusing on prevention.

We offer a gentle and conscious space to rest and find escape from the busyness of life amongst beautiful gardens, breath-taking views of the Indian Ocean and the sound of birdsong and waves crashing on the beach... fresh unpolluted air and filtered water sourced from our beautiful grounds - time can be spent doing as much or as little as you would like to ... safely, gently, mindfully - join a yoga class, book a reflex treatment or Reiki, or snuggle into a good book or gaze at the stars, ...  relax around our freshwater pool and journal to your hearts content... 

Slip off your shoes and feel the earth beneath your feet... and the warm tropical air on your skin... join our tribe... feel our vibe... stay a night, a few... a month or two... take as long as you need... we offer clean, comfortable and peaceful accommodation in semi self catering rooms with private bathrooms, fridge microwave, kettle for your convenience...

Wellness is about more than just physical health.
Most models of wellness include at least six dimensions:

Physical: Nourishing a healthy body through exercise, nutrition, sleep, etc.

Mental: Engaging the world through learning, problem-solving, creativity, etc.

Emotional: Being aware of, accepting and expressing our feelings, and understanding the feelings of others.

Spiritual: Searching for meaning and higher purpose in human existence.

Social: Connecting and engaging with others and our communities in meaningful ways.

Environmental: Fostering positive interrelationships between planetary health and human actions, choices and wellbeing.

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Within a relatively short span of time, wellness has emerged globally as a dominant lifestyle value, driving consumer interest in exercise, healthy eating, self-care, mindfulness, stress reduction, healthy aging, complementary medicine, holistic health and other wellness practices. For an expanding set of consumers, wellness has become an important value system used to filter daily life and decision-making with a growing focus on issues such as food quality and the way food is prepared and consumed, mitigating stress and boosting mental wellness, incorporating movement into daily activities, environmental consciousness, the yearning for connection, the desire for self-actualization, and a search for happiness. There is no sign that this trend is slowing down.

The beach is 300 meters in front of the property,  stroll along the seashore or enjoy some of the of the best diving, whale and dolphin watching and fishing in South Africa. Nature reserves boasting a wealth of fauna and flora, spectacular farmlands and rural areas all complement the vast marine treasure of the region.

For the more adventurous, one can go mountain biking, horse riding or partake in extreme challenges such as on site mountain bike trails and tours, sea kayaking, abseiling, white water rafting, gorge swinging or shark diving.

We have an extensive trail of potters, weavers, artists and crafters displaying their talents, and then retreat back to our beautiful piece of heaven on earth  ...   Our region is blessed with some of the finest natural beauty Africa has to offer. Here amidst the subtropical forests and sun drenched golden beaches is a paradise waiting to be explored.

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